Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg Denies Release of Scandalous E-Mails

Bloomberg Administration Refuses To Release All Third Term Campaign Finance Scandal E-Mails. #WikiLeaks #AnonOps #WhistleBlower

Flashback from NYPost : Posted: 3:40 AM, September 5, 2010 :

Political operative John Haggerty Jr. may stand accused of swiping $750,000 from Mayor Bloomberg, but that doesn't mean City Hall is ready to disclose any more details about him than it has to.

Responding to a Freedom of Information request filed by The Post seven months ago, the mayor's office last week provided just nine e-mail exchanges between Haggerty and mayoral aides in all of 2008 and 2009.

There were other e-mails that the mayor's refuses to release on the grounds of "personal privacy."

They're so private, in fact, officials won't even say how many e-mails are being withheld.

That's a stricter policy than was in force in 2007, when the mayor's former Albany lobbyist, Anthony (Skip) Piscitelli, was discovered to have violated ethics rules by contacting administration officials in 127 e-mails soon after he left while representing private clients.

Back then, the mayor's office declined to release 62 of the e-mails, claiming they weren't government-related. But at least they gave out the numbers.

The skimpy exchanges that were provided with Haggerty indicate he was close as could be to top mayoral aides.

Of course, that was before this year's stunning indictment, in which the Manhattan DA's Office charged Haggerty with stealing $750,000 in Bloomberg money that was meant for the Independence Party's Election Day poll-watching operations.

On April 15, 2008, when he still had an open door at City Hall, Haggerty fired off an e-mail to mayoral adviser Shea Fink, requesting three tickets for the pope's visit to New York.

"I wasn't asking you to do it (because you do so many things for me already xoxo), but if you are willing to help I really appreciate it," Haggerty wrote.

A couple of months later Haggerty asked for another favor -- five tickets to the "Made in NY" celebration at Gracie Mansion that featured several film and TV stars.

Haggerty maintains his innocence, claiming his deal with the mayor and the party allowed him to keep the $750,000 he's accused of stealing.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Missing Campaign Money

How come the Control Queen Bloombo Dicto can't explain the location of the missing campaign funds ?

While Michael Bloomberg was on an unprecedented spending spree to buy his ill-fated th3rd t3rm as mayor of New York City, among the millions he spent out of his own pocket was $1.2 million, which he gave to the Independence Party.

Of that $1.2 million, supposedly $750,000 was paid to John Haggerty, yet the lesser amount has turned up missing.

How can a mayor, who has control-queen issues, not know where his millions of dollars are going ?

The mayor, who infiltrates activist groups and spies on political opponents, is not admitting anything publicly, because the Manhattan district attorney's office is probing the electioneering payments.